Respite Care

Respite care means short term or temporary care that is provided to the individual with a developmental disability when the care provider needs a break or respite from caring for your loved one. You can pay a professional, family member or friend to care for you’re loved one in your home, at the home of a family member or friend, or at a respite center and be eligible for reimbursement. In Wayne County, respite reimbursement services are part of the service array offered though The Detroit Wayne County Community Mental Health Agency. If you have questions about respite care, you can contact us at our email address for a referral or call The Detroit Wayne County Community Mental Health Agency Customer Service Department at 888-490-9698.

Respite Centers

Refer to our Resources Page for respite center listings.

The Arc GP/HW offers a Respite Reimbursement Program to help our chapter’s member families with a small portion of the costs they incur for respite care. This is a financial need-based program. Members may select family, friends, nurses or aides to provide care. We will also reimburse for care given outside the home at a respite care facility. Respite Care applications are available January 1st of each year to individuals who have been a member in good standing of the Arc of GP/HW for at least one year, are residents in, and or receive services in, the GP/HW Membership area, and submit a copy of the first page of their tax return to be considered.

GP/HW for at least one year, be a resident in, and receive services in, the Arc of GP/HW membership area, and be eligible for Grosse Pointe Public Schools Transition or Michigan Rehabilitation Services

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