Plan for Lifelong Support

Advocates within families who have a member with a disability often ask, “What will happen to my loved one when I am unable to care for him/her?”  It quickly becomes clear that caregivers must prepare for the time when they themselves can no longer act on their loved one’s behalf.  The reasons may vary.  Family members providing services may pass away or be in need of care themselves.  More simply, a change in marital status, a job transfer, or an opportunity to travel could impact the ability to provide or ensure care.  Finally, it is both frustrating and exhausting to navigate the public mental health system.

As a result, The Arc – Grosse Pointe/Harper Woods (“The Arc”) offers itsPlan for Lifelong Support The Plan is an individualized contractual agreement to provide for your loved one’s care and well-being after the primary caregivers are no longer able.  Enrollment in this program requires both membership in The Arc and a special needs trust.  Services performed include attending Person Centered Planning (PCP) meetings, Individualized Education Program Team (IEPT) meetings, and appearing in court on guardianship issues.  The Arc can advise on protecting trust assets from federal, state, and local agencies.  Additionally, The Arc does regular home and school/day program/ workshop visits.  Basically, The Plan makes sure that everyone who is providing a service on behalf of your loved one with a disability is in place and performing well.  The individual’s family or guardian decides how frequently to use these services.

The Arc – Grosse Pointe/Harper Woods, in partnership and collaboration with the Arc of Macomb, will carry out the duties assigned by your family to the Plan for Lifelong Support.  The Arcs will work together to assure that your family member has the care and support necessary to be safe and successful should family members not be available.

**Remember** A special needs trust can supplement your loved one’s care, without endangering their governmental benefits.  The Plan is an additional benefit; therefore, any service fees are billed directly to the trust and not to the family.  The Plan is non-profit.  The Arc can refer interested persons to experienced attorneys who will discuss how to go about setting up such a trust.

For brochures or more information regarding this unique and exciting service, please contact The Arc – Grosse Pointe/Harper Woods.