Advocacy/Systems Navigation

The Arc of GP/HW can offer you a referral for these services available in Wayne County that will assist you through the maze of securing benefits and services for you or your family member with a developmental disability. An “Advocate” can assist with applying for and maintaining benefits from The Social Security Administration, applying for Medicaid and/or other services available through the Michigan Department of Human Services, and in applying for, securing and maintaining appropriate services through the Detroit Wayne County Community Mental Health Agency.

Advocacy Grants

We encourage you to take advantage of learning opportunities so you can develop your skills as a self advocate or to advocate for a family member. The Arc of GP/HW offers an advocacy grant to members to help defray the cost to attend a conference. After attending the conference, we would like the member to provide an article for the newsletter to share their experience with other members. Grants are awarded to individuals who reside in or receive services in the Grosse Pointe School System and have been a member of the Arc of GP/HW for at least one year. Applications are available starting January 1 of each year.